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Raspberry Pi Black Gpio Cable (6 / 15CM)

Raspberry Pi Black Gpio Cable4 Star Rating
Raspberry Pi Black Gpio Cable
Raspberry Pi Black Gpio Cable The Most Suitable Raspberry Pi Parts Upgrade

If you are interested in a Raspberry Pi I've assembled some good info. Get the Raspberry Pi Black from Adafruit. The Raspberry Pi Black is a type of top quality Raspberry Pi you can buy using the web. Should you be wishing to purchase this item, you have come to the best place. We provide you unique discounted rates for this excellent product with secure transaction. A summary of feature attributes include 6 inches / 15cm and 2x13 pin. The color of these Raspberry Pi parts is black. To buy the product now at the lowest price, click on the link.

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Price: $1.00

That new Raspberry Pi ® computer you just got attributes a row of 2x13 pin headers soldered on - those are the GPIO (general objective input/output) pins and for those of us who like to hack electronics they are exactly where the true fun is. It's 6"lengthy and has 26 socket and wire sets. If you need to bridge those contacts out onto another PCB, you'll want this cable! By programming the Pi, you can twiddle those pins high or low, send and receive I2C and SPI data, and access the 3V and 5V power rails. Pin #1 is marked with a white wire.

Features List

  • 2x13 Pin
  • 6 Inches / 15cm
  • Qty: 1
  • Package Dim.: Height: 0.3" Length: 7" Depth: 2"
  • Package: 0.05 lbs.

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