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Piglow Expansion Addon For Raspberry Pi

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Piglow Expansion Addon For Raspberry
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I in fact loved that the item has great to provide feedback if you're running your pi headless. Other highlights include pwm (dimming) control for each channel and fully assembled (no soldering required). Bar Code# 700443113700. The Raspberry Pi equipment is 0.22" Height x 1.45" Length x 1.32" Width. It has got a weight of 0.01 lbs. Online deals for Piglow Expansion Addon , click the weblink below.

Get visual feedback from your Pi! There are tons of things you can do with it: -Mood lighting / ambiance -Showing current system load -Notify you of events like mentions in tweets or incoming e-mail -Feedback the status of scripts/daemons running on your Pi -Works great when VESA mounted to give a cast against a wall -. This board uses the SN3218 8-bit 18-channel PWM chip to drive 18 surface mount LEDs. Communication is completed through I2C more than the GPIO header using a bus address of 0x54 (Python example code offered ). and pretty much something else you can assume of! You can use it for all sorts of things! Every LED can be set to a PWM value of between 0 and 255. Comes fully assembled and ready to rock. And of course, it fits inside a Pibow! The Pi Glow could be a small add on board for the Raspberry Pi that gives 18 individually controllable LEDs.


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