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Raspberry Pi Pi Face

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Pi Face
Save On The Pi Face Made By Raspberry Pi

With the Internet, you an buy different products through the convenience of your home. The Pi Face by Raspberry Pi is the right Raspberry Pi for the geeks. I believe you will like that the item comes along with credit card size, stacks on top of raspberry pi. Additional features include things like easy to use with python, scratch and c and easy to connect with screw terminals. 682710990514 is the UPC barcode for this Raspberry Pi. Save on the pi face . For the greatest deal for this item as well as other items, check out the market add to shopping cart button.

Pi Face coupon codes. raspberry face digital interface expansion board

Price: $36.98
Publisher:Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Face Digital Interface Expansion board allow the really popular Raspberry Pi board to manage and interact making use of the real world. With suitable easy to write code, the Raspberry Pi can drive outputs, powering motors, actuator, LEDs, light bulbs or anything you can imagine to respond to the inputs. It allows your Raspberry Pi to detect switches connected to it - a door sensor or pressure pad perhaps, a microswitch or reed switch, or a hand held button.

Features List

  • Allows you to control lights, motors etc and monitor digital inputs, switches, etc
  • 2 Relays, 8 Outputs, 8 Inputs, 8 LED Indicators, 4 Switches
  • Credit card size, stacks on top of Raspberry Pi
  • Easy to connect with screw terminals
  • Easy to use with Python, Scratch and C
  • Qty: 1
  • Package Dim.: Height: 1.3" Length: 4.1" Depth: 3"
  • Package: 0.13 lbs.

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